Flag and Torch bearers for 57th Annual Athletic Meet (2nd & 3rd March 2017)


The following will be  the Flag & Torch Bearers during the Opening Ceremony of College  57th Annual Athletic meet scheduled on  2nd & 3rd March 2017 (Thursday& Friday) :

Flag Bearers:-

Main Flag:-                    Simran     Singh                   D4-ME-131108

CE Deptt.                       Harsharan Singh                  D4-CE-130151

CSE Deptt.                     Gursehajvir Singh               D4-CSE-135109

PE Deptt.                       Hamraj  Singh                     D4-PE-134011

ME Deptt.                        Harsumeet Singh                D4-ME-131044

ECE Deptt.                    Amritpal Kaur                      D4-ECE-1311259

EE. Deptt.                      Sahibjeet Singh                     D4-EE-132078

I.T. Deptt.                      Navjot Kaur                          D43IT-146056

MBA                                 Prabhjot Kaur                      MBA-2nd yr-15032842

MCA Deptt.                   Darshvir Singh                    MCA-2nd yr.-1629007

             Torch Bearers:-

1.    Prabhdeepak  Singh    D3 ME-131344

2.    Pargat Singh                D2-ECE- 153062

3.    Mandeep  Kaur           D3-CSE- 145110

4.     Kirti  Malik                D4-EE-142041

The above mentioned students should report on 1.3.2017 at 3.30 p.m. for the rehearsal of the same to  S. Harjinder  Singh in the stadium. The opening ceremony will take place on 2.3.2017 at 9.30a.m. All to report in time in  PTU Tracksuits.


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